We should ask our architects that our buildings be not only of our time but of our place. – Albert Simons

Albert Simons (1890 – 1980), had an immensely influential sixty-year career as an architect and preservationist in Charleston, South Carolina, where he is best known for his extensive preservation work and architectural design. He played a key role in the Charleston Renaissance, wherein he would help create many nationally prominent preservation functions such as the zoning ordinance for the historic district, the first such ordinance in America, with municipal austerity, and the first Board of Architectural Review.

As a professor at the College of Charleston for over 20 years, he started the School of the Arts and is honored yearly through the Simons Medal of Excellence.

2017 Medalist

Peter Pennoyer

Peter Pennoyer is a passionate and dedicated advocate for the relevance of traditional and classical architecture in contemporary practice. Peter established his firm in 1990 and it has since grown to include four partners, fifty associates, and four interior designers. Peter has followed an unusual path in his career as an architect and historian. From his education at Columbia University in the early days of Post Modernism, to his first independent and modern commissions for the Warhol Factory and Keith Haring’s Pop Shop on Lafayette Street, Peter emerged with a conviction that his firm could serve as a laboratory for the practice of architecture inspired by history.  He has made the study of history the generating force of his firm and believes that by mastering the interpretation of architectural history, he and his colleagues design projects that are both modern and classical.

Through scholarship, education, and advocacy, Peter seeks to further enrich the discourse of architecture today. With his co-author, Anne Walker, he has written four award-winning monographs on architects of the first half of the 20st century: The Architecture of Delano & Aldrich, The Architecture of Warren & Wetmore, The Architecture of Grosvenor Atterbury, and New York Transformed: The Architecture of Cross & Cross. Their lectures on their monographs, architectural history, and urban design have reached audiences across the country and abroad. In addition, Peter and Anne are adjunct professors in the Department of Urban Design and Architecture Studies at New York University where they teach a seminar that emphasizes the civic potential and understanding of architectural history in New York City.

Peter uses his scholarship and knowledge of New York City as a springboard to advocate for positions and designs he feels reflect the values of his firm. He actively participates in the civic dialogue among neighborhood groups, professionals, and government agencies, and takes positions for architecture that is contextual and respectful to the fabric of the city.


We welcome you to join us in honoring this year’s recipient of the Albert Simons Medal of Excellence. This evening gathering will feature an overview of the key projects that our honored medalist, Peter Pennoyer, contributed to the profession. He will give a short lecture entitled, “Preservation Architecture: Orthodoxy Versus Innovation.” We will also enjoy time socializing over snacks and beverages.

The Award Ceremony will be held on 16 March 2017, at 6pm. The location will be at the Simons Recital Hall located in the Simons Center for the Arts at 54 St. Phillips Street, Charleston, South Carolina. A reception will follow at the Hill Gallery at the conclusion of the ceremony.

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